24-Hour Short Story Contest Prompt: Fall 2007





The following text was supplied as the prompt for the fall 2007 24-hour short story contest sponsored by WritersWeekly, an online writers' magazine. My entry for the contest is here.

The vivid hues of the foliage seemed to bring the painting
to life. Intrigued, she leaned closer. Blowing rapidly down the cobblestone road, the artist's yellow leaves were a dazzling gold, the red leaves burned a deep, unnatural
maroon, more beautiful than reality, and the dark orange
leaves faded around their edges, as if they couldn't decide which color they wanted to be. She peered closer still, desperately wishing to be there, in that place so far away, and so long ago. Her senses seemed to respond to her subconscious desires and she blinked back startled tears when she suddenly inhaled the scent of wood smoke, felt a cold wind stirring her hair, and saw a movement in the distance...

Word count must not exceed 1100.