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Short Stories
Flash Fiction

100-Word Stories
Excerpts from a Novel That May Never Be  Setting: medieval France
Excerpts from a Novel in Progress  Setting: northern California, 2007


Short Stories
Brian  A woman's impulsive experiment breaks her out of a rut.

The Summons*   The power of imagination sustains him.

Gallery of Memories*    What if a borrowed history is better than your own?
The Surrogate*  The heart finds the way home.  

*24-hour short story contest entry


Flash Fiction  
Stopping   (490 words) Perfection    (496 words)

Class    (307 words) 

Crying    (200 words)
The Middle of Her Life    (400 words)  


100-Word Stories
A Penny a Word   

If these stories were bought for a penny a word, each of them would cost exactly a dollar.


Excerpts from a Novel That May Never Be
In 2005 I began work on a novel that is probably doomed by its concept. A brief account of its origin and subsequent abandonment is on the blog page. Here are some excerpts from Sybille's Journey, Book I of what was to become a trilogy entitled The Vardysts of Bruges. The excerpts break off abruptly and still contain embedded notes and questions for further research.
Prologue   A cache of ancient manuscripts comes to light in Bruges.
Montaillou (fragment of Chapter 1)   The Inquisition arrests an entire village for heresy.
Escape (fragment of Chapter 2)   Orphaned siblings Sybille and Arnaud flee the village.
Belcaire (fragment of Chapter 3)   Fearing pursuit, Sybille decides to travel north.

The Tale of Two Roses   Sybille's account of their history becomes a fairy tale.

Hugo and Jaqueline   Bandits chase them into a dangerous refuge—a monastery.
Guillaume   Sybille and Arnaud need a strong companion on the perilous roads.
Arras  Temporary shelter in a blacksmith's shop proves a fateful turn.
Mosse  Thinking Arnaud is possessed, a farmer abandons them by the road.
The Two Sisters of Béthune   Sybille seeks asylum with two ancients of the craft.


Excerpts from a Novel in Progress
In 2006 I started over, transplanting my main characters and situations into a more familiar setting and period. This step involved significant changes and several false starts. An account of its evolution is on the blog page. Here are some samples from a novel originally called The Mozeny and now, after further changes, developing under the working title Society of the Just.
Old Start #1   A serious accident opens a door between two worlds.
Old Start #2   A young woman confronts an unwanted life transition.
Current Draft, Chapter 1 "Taylor and Mary Rose" 
Current Draft, Chapter 2  "The Council of Agreement"
Current Draft, Chapter 3  "Compact Day"


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