Editorial Services: Testimonials
by Meredy Amyx



Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues

Meredy has the rare and wonderful gift of being able to bring out the best in a writer's work without losing the writer's voice or original intent. [ More ]

—Former program manager and technical writer

Meredy has a keen eye and ear for not only basic grammar, punctuation and syntax but also plot sequence, authenticity and validity. [ More ]

—Novelist and retired physician


Ms. Amyx has consistently shown respect for the work (and the writer); a profound command of grammatical and English-language elements; and incisive ways of tightening my writing. [ More ]

Licensed psychotherapist, former technical writer and editor


At the end of the project, she delivered a summary of editing details as well as an overall critique and tactfully pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. [ More ]

—Novelist and retired teacher


Meredy has a passion for purposeful and effective written communication, and it shows in her work. She made me a better writer. [ More ]

Former program manager and technical writer


When working on a document, she had a great eye for the big picture while never losing sight of the details. [ More ]

—Former documentation manager


I value all aspects of her work, particularly in-depth analysis. [ More ]

—Memoirist and retired teacher