Editorial Services: Testimonials
by Meredy Amyx



Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues

Meredy Amyx is the most talented, intelligent and sensitive editor with whom I have ever had the privilege to work. Her comments are insightful and appropriate; her editing is impeccable. Meredy has the rare and wonderful gift of being able to bring out the best in a writer's work without losing the writer's voice or original intent. Her love of language and of words in combination with one another shines through all of her work. I wholeheartedly recommend her and I look forward to working with her in the future.

   —Tina Fox
Former program manager and technical writer, Cisco Systems
Irvine, California

I am aware Meredy Amyx has had a career as an accomplished editor of technical writing and I have recently observed her as a literary editor on two occasions. First, when she functioned as chief architect and general editor of a commemorative anthology for member writings of South Bay Writers, a group of 200 and, second, when she edited in comprehensive fashion a disordered short story I wrote.

With skill, tact and determination she organized the anthology committee and directed and supervised the six of us as we screened, reviewed and culled several hundred manuscripts, poems and essays. Meredy made appropriate final edits of those writings advanced for inclusion. She displayed great skill in preparing and motivating us and the club membership enthusiastically received the final product. She taught her committee a lot about the craft of writing and doing a good critique.

Her comprehensive edit of a short story I wrote was so worthwhile, I write my current novel with her in mind as "my future reader." I regret not having her review my first two published books but she will definitely "doctor" the third, which will make it my best.

From her writings in our monthly bulletin added to both of my personal experiences it's obvious to me she can define and has appreciation for good writing and can stimulate writers in its application. Meredy has a keen eye and ear for not only basic grammar, punctuation and syntax but also plot sequence, authenticity and validity. I believe her talent and organized energy would improve any writer's effort.


—David Breithaupt, M.D.
Novelist and retired physician
San Jose

I have used Meredy Amyx's services as an editor through the yearsfrom editing highly technical computer documentation and educational materials to editing an essay for admission to graduate school. In every venture and with every piece, Ms. Amyx has consistently shown respect for the work (and the writer); a profound command of grammatical and English-language elements; and incisive ways of tightening my writing. Her suggested edits were complete and brilliant: from grammar corrections to suggested paragraph and conceptual rewrites. Her contributions always strengthened my final product and led to a successful outcome for me: in my job, personal writings, and educational submissions. And in all this, Ms. Amyx was approachable, gently questioning, timely, and 100% responsive. I would not hesitate to recommend her editing and rewriting services to any author in need.
     —Edna Wallace
Licensed psychotherapist and former technical writer and editor
Los Altos, California

Meredy Amyx's developmental edit of my novel, Jaguar Princess, was both comprehensive and attentive to detail. She gave the manuscript a thoughtful, careful reading and picked up inconsistencies as well as repetitions. Any necessary corrections and/or comments were marked on each page. At the end of the project, she delivered a summary of editing details as well as an overall critique and tactfully pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. She was always available to answer questions. With Meredy's help, I am much closer to making my good story a great story.
    —Marjorie Bicknell-Johnson
Novelist and retired teacher
Santa Clara, California

I partnered with Meredy on several projects while we worked together for a large computer networking companyI as a technical writer and program manager, she as editor. Her editing skills were always the best in our documentation group, and her markups were always clear and correct. But more than that, Meredy's comments and suggestions pertaining to the overall structure and communication strategy of a document were always insightful and helpful. Meredy has a passion for purposeful and effective written communication, and it shows in her work. She made me a better writer.
      —Phil Bailey
Former program manager and technical writer
Wilmington, California

I was Meredy's manager at Cisco for more than eight years. She is a very gifted editor in all facets of editing, from substantive to copyediting and proofreading. While at Cisco she consistently delivered top-notch edits on a wide variety of technical documentation. When working on a document, she had a great eye for the big picture while never losing sight of the details. Meredy was an excellent problem solver and "out-of-the-box" thinker. When complex issues arose, whether within the editing team or in larger, cross-functional arenas, I often turned to Meredy for assistance. And she always came through with well thought out, practical suggestions to resolve the issues. Meredy is a consummate professional and was a very valuable, respected member of the documentation group. I thoroughly enjoyed our many years working together.
      —Wink Schuetz
Former Documentation Manager
Cisco Systems, Inc.
San Jose, California

During the past eight months I have been collaborating weekly in San Jose with my editor, Meredy Amyx. My nonfiction stories have become polished as a result of her editing skills. Her valued recommendations have added focus and clarity to my work. I have found Ms. Amyx to be professional and effective as she shares her knowledge and guidance. My writer's voice has not been compromised, but enhanced by her careful and thorough critique. I value all aspects of her work, particularly in-depth analysis. She is a superb teacher; always prepared and thoroughnever one to equivocate. I appreciate her inquisitive style and patient listening as I reach for answers to pertinent questions. Without reservation, I recommend Meredy Amyx to anyone who is earnest about writing and serious about potential publication.
      —Terry Denevan
Memoirist and retired teacher
San Jose, California