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All the genuine, deep delight of life is in showing people the mud-pies you have made; and life is at its best when we confidingly recommend our mud-pies to each other’s sympathetic consideration.

— J. M. Thorburn,
as quoted by Susanne K. Langer in her 1941 preface to Philosophy in a New Key


This website contains a selection of fiction and nonfiction work, both published and otherwise unpublished, by Meredy Amyx. It does not include work that is currently being offered to literary magazines and other print and online publications.

Hundreds of Meredy's articles, essays, and short fiction pieces have appeared in organizational publications. Her short story "Brian" won her a scholarship to the 2006 East of Eden Writers Conference. Two out of four entries to ByLine magazine contests have placed in the top three and won cash prizes. Her story "There's the Windup" won second place in the 2008 Basil Stevens Wriring Contest. In September 2008 her short story "Recursion" won first place in the short story contest at the East of Eden Writers Conference in Salinas, California.

Her essay "Clothed in Character: Costume as a Dramatic Element" won a cash award in the 2011 Carolyn Keen Literature Prize competition for students at De Anza College, where she takes classes part time.

Meredy contributes book reviews to Peer to Peer, the journal of the International Legal Technical Association (ILTA). She is also a frequent contributor to WritersTalk, newsletter of South Bay Writers, and her essays and short stories have won several awards of recognition from the group. She has also served as a judge of various writing and poetry competitions.

Meredy Amyx is a professional editor and avocational writer living in San Jose, California. Following early retirement from full-time employment in 2009 after a 30-year editorial career, she undertakes freelance editing assignments for private clients.

A native of New England, Meredy attended Parsons College (now extinct) in Fairfield, Iowa, graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in English, and has lived on the West Coast since 1977. She has worked both as a freelance editor for book publishers and assorted private clients and as a full-time editor in publications departments of several high-tech corporations. She is an active member of South Bay Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club. Her interests include writing, reading, language, art, classical music and opera, folklore and mythology, Zen, philosophy, psychology, and rational thought.

Visit Meredy's personal website at MetaphoricalDwelling.com.


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