24-Hour Short Story Contest Prompt: Summer 2007





The following text was supplied as the prompt for the summer 2007 24-hour short story contest sponsored by WritersWeekly, an online writers' magazine. My entry for the contest is here.

Mosquitoes buzzed, but kept their distance as the aroma of
insect repellent overpowered the smoke coming from the dying campfire. The counselor was getting to the good part of the ghost story and the campers were all quiet, straining to hear the raspy whispers of the protagonist. The sudden sound of footsteps approaching on the pine needle carpet silenced the group. All heads turned simultaneously and the little girls screamed when a man emerged from the tree line, dressed in torn clothing and carrying a pack. The pack started to move as an infant's startled cry joined the panicked chorus...

Word count must not exceed 1050.